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Depression The persistent feeling of sadness or loss of interest that characterizes major depression can lead to a range of behavioral and physical symptoms. These may include changes in sleep, appetite, energy level, concentration, daily behavior, or self-esteem. Depression can also be associated with thoughts of suicide. One ☝🏻 of the best things #mydoctor told me to do was research #anxiety #depression #insomnia #ptsd

myjourney #mystory #mylife #surfman374 let me tell ya it changed my life actually learning about what it was how to treat it and what to do different when it hit me hard! in the end I’m not bipolar not manic not ego driven definitely not a narcissist how do I treat mine? Now without pills? #positivevibrations #positivelights #walk (as much I can) some days it’s not so easy to workout trust me! #lighttherapy works #healthyfood that’s a big key! Healthy drinks living #soberlife

#dmr @dmramsey shoutout to #orangeteam @deptvetaffairs im also a #positiveempath and suffered about two year of literally being so lost I really don’t remember it, n thanks to pills ugh thank god im not on all the pills anymore. #prayer #meditation #stretching #relaxing #veteransupport #veteranadvice #freeadvice #sober is best btw I haven’t drank in a year no pills 3.5years + #nodrugs yes cannabis but I switched that out for #hemp #cbd and haven’t used that in 7.5-8months now


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