America the Original Land and people

26:43 #timecheck #thesystem #theweeknd #dmr Webby knows when ya know ya know kinda like @donaldjtrumpjr and his padre @realdonaldtrump just say’n drain that swamp and make america great again I’m a #veteran #dad and #man anyone seen my #queen? I like that song she’s an awesome mom by the way! @caitlynnecurtis_ rocks and Jonah that boy crushed it and got his brownies last night! Ya know I miss my moms cookn she would cook my fish when I would bring it home I would ride my bike to the river or walk and bring home fish as a kid I miss that and her fajitas and horseback rides god bless y’all shout out to @burdenworld @iamstruggle @briannaharnesss @jellyroll615 @adamcalhoun1 @mrryanupchurch and @snoopdogg and @ludacris just say’n BravoZulu from #surfman374 getting fucked over in south texas ain’t so bad with good 🎶 #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #GatorGripp #SaltySoulTaxidermy #SaltySoulPanga saltysoulsurfacedrive went all in when I retired in 2018 had to was 100% Disabled and on so many meds o forgot two years then Cannabinoids saved my life then hemp changed my life cooking with it btw HempGuideToHealthyEating thanks to HurricaneHarvey I was all fucked up and the #surf #afrasgoldmedal to keeping it 100 Lmfao in nueces county I wish I could get a government pardon so I could leave this place I don’t think #corpuschristi #texas like me… sad I saved so many Texans who came and rescued me? No one oh well back to cardio thanks for the advise @garyvee it still hasn’t paid off but Atleast I posted over 11,600 times gods knows I love the apps they healed me heal now I’m sober #HighEnergyHealthyEating not on Kratum k2 or spice or any of the 8 I’m being tested for btw I’m on GOD MISIC LIGht my souls keeping me going because my body fell apart years ago #freedomofspeech what? #freedomofreligion when? Last I check the indigenous people where here first! That would make even texas tribal

Ya on Instagram? I am me and my 11,800+ posts lmfao 🤣
Trust me this ain’t easy with out my planted based medical help this sucks!

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