Time and the Mind

Time doesn’t exist in my world clocks do.

Time is a tool and illusion. 1dimension 2dimension on the computer. Past present and future is happening at once.

3D we look look up in and out…

4D metatrons cube we are living in the shadow of the 3rd dimension. Quantum Physics Theory. 11 Dimensions can you imagine…

Technology can connect us via 3g to 4g and then 5g. Cell phones applications and streaming connection via WiFi. NFT’s web3 AR, VR, Spacial reality…

New world phase new speed HIGHSpeed Time processing at high level! Catch up?

Visionary is fastest… you can go into time or ahead of time. Reference the future I am I will I do… live in the present now.

Human Beings are there other beings Hmmm 😉 “beings”. Able to maneuver in multidimensional atomic frequency able to walk through… phase through coming from a higher dimension. Non physical? Or angle is how you see things angels bring new thoughts light and energy being aware of output. Mathematician is GOD. Light matrix . The codes we are connected in a way we need to understand. Quantum web. Atomic level laws universal laws human laws as above so below. Dogon history africa . They were wise. The stars Sirius a b and c. #Errorcorrectingcodes same codes running the universe and #metaverse being connected to the universe #dmr #astronomy is mathematical is amazing knowledge is in our #dna the mind connected #technology #energy #future #streaming #5g #streaming


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