Saying Thanks

Even though I got up early made the best of it. In the end the truth sets me free, NO ITS NOT ABOUT BEING RIGHT! ITS NOT EGO! IM NOT MANIC or having or suffer MANIA!

What I am doing is saying I fucked up, I’m making my life right! And telling ya how it all went down. Why? So maybe you can save your life, your marriage, your relationship with your children, TURN TO GOD not away from our LORD.

I’m Sober, My Kids are Safe, I’m safe, my ex wives I pray for daily … only because I do love them the time spent the children we created. Honestly I’m far from perfect, I definitely should have made better choices. But I’m thankful for what we created. And pray I’m forgiven…. In the end #VETCourt gives me the opportunity to CORRECT MY LIFE! County Jail gave me the opportunity to CORRECT my life, #PrayerCall was amazing because #fellowship happened and we all confessed our sins…

GOD a will correct ya when needed! Trust me!

Sober Living is definitely a better path.

My prayers go out to all Active Duty Families and Veterans and Families as well as friends of these Men and Women! It is Tuff!! #nevergiveuponyourdreams #NeverGiveUponFamily #NeverGiveUpOnFriends

Because we all are worth it, we Humans who protect and serve are all worth it.

Actually pretty Cool when Corpus Christi Police Department waves at ya, so shoutout to #CCPD because 4 cars waved back today… just say’n thanks Texas Veterans Commission and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs VETCourt Program

Because life does get better, Life is worth it! David Ramsey #Surfman374

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