Two sides to every story

I speak truth! Do I forgive? YES but am I gonna tell the truth? YES Because I trust GOD love my Kids miss my family and friends definitely don’t believe in divorce and did the best I could for Gator-Gripp Rack Systems and showing the world ho I got sober learned to walk again and lost over 100lbs! True Story always has two sides! This is MINE, I’m not a professional writer but was a Chief and Chief Marketing Officer had a Dream to be a Taxidermist and did everything I could for rigsreefclassicspearfishing Tournament my exwife and her family and friends. Now I have lost it all, and this is my side of the story! beAbout it, and talk about it!

I’m also Italian Good Song BTW In God We Trust Freedom ain’t Free Land of the Free because of the Brave 🖤💛❤️🤍💙💚

True Story Real Talk South Texas 78412

I’m definitely GOD Me and no one else these days… my wife left me ain’t been able to see my kids retired from 20yrs military in 1998 definitely fucked up went from Gold Medal at Whitehouse to almost 4 months County Jail for cannabis concentrate bunch of bs I’m sober it was hemp! So that said ain’t used pills in almost 4yrs, no cannabis 2 yrs , no hemp (CBD) 8 months.

Here’s an awesome podcast BTW

Last attempt at suicide was the night before retirement. Unfortunately that was my third time trying first two was because my 1st wife cheated on me and left, 2nd wife cheated on me and left and then night before I retired because I had my 10th surgery and could barely walk. So I though I was worthless. That was 4 yrs ago now I can walk and am in awesome shape and she left me while I was locked this summer locked up from April – mid July then my company I was CoOwner of and Chief Marketing Officer of changed the name I helped brand and was CoOwner of and chief marketing officer of. Went from ProDraw, to Gator-Gripp, then Gator-GrippHD, to now Pull Set Gripp. Sad what people do. I rescued 100’s of 1000’s of lives just to have it all taken from me… no shit! #Surfman374 #BMCRamsey 1998-2018 #AfrasGoldMedal at Whitehouse 20 epic years serving my country to Nueces County Jail 78412 Corpuschristitexas add in being accused of using my panga to run drugs and humans so I sold it having to end my dreams of a hobbie taxidermist #SaltySoulTaxidermy because game wardens rolled in 6 deep with full tactical gear and raided my house , getting accused of being part of capital riots two years in a row baker acted because lies oh yeah then being accused of arms manufacturer just because I built my own AR.

I love this song click pic

What else hmm oh ain’t seen my oldest daughter who’s in college since 2019 she kicked 77-80 FGA’s for her high school that year my since since 2020 he’s joining Coast Guard Next summer once he finishes HighSchool my 8th grader ain’t seen her since last summer 2021 and now my almost 3yr onl who lives 1 mile away only seen her 1.5hrs in last 8months and that’s since I got out of county. Yes I chased a cop car down on the highway to get help because some stole $1200 in Hemp I used for cooking yep CBD and my cash and emptied my bank account. So I called 911, CCPD, and FBI because not only was my company screwing me and told me I should go hang my self but so was someone else. Funny wishing 12hrs I got a I should leave letter, eviction notice on house I paid for 8yrs my mother InLaw btw and then truck illegally searched never read rights advice and got thrown in jail. So to me something just ain’t right about all this. It’s why I called it #hempguidetohealthyeating oh yeah then my Spearfishing tournament had to shut it down because someone accused me of stealing from an event I started I founded #Rigsreefclassicspearfishing so I got me a royal shit show.

Definitely Cries for the Crusaders song feel this one click picture

Unfortunately my company owned my now dead ex mother InLaw almost $50K so when I brought that up after the Archery Trade Show of America 2020 they said I was a silent partner hell I got my rack trademarked branded patented and even on swamp people! What they do stole all the money from 2014 to date renamed it and sold the company. Then my wife filed for first divorce in 2020 a month after it’s funny she pulled a gun on me but then files second divorce while I’m locked up this summer and state gives her all my guns? That don’t make any since. Specially when I reported her to the VA for the gun and family violence what happened?

You would think after what I went through from surf rescue to Hurricane Harvey people would love me! nope they tried to lie cheat steal and cheated on me!

She filed two divorces one in 2020 after I said she was physically and verbally abusing me and pulled a gun. Then she dropped it after my first baker act. And I get locked up this summer she filed divorce for finalized case and accuses me of family violence and substance abuse for what? Got baker acted again 2021 was told I’m a Positive Empath with yes anxiety depression insomnia ptsd I’m not crazy not manic not a narcissist just speaking truth! I did survive 3 attempts at suicide while on active duty and even filed a congressional inquiry Ya see ya have been handed a lot of the devils shit show most of my life but I rise above and trust GOD the same hood who created plants for use to heal by the way most of our pills come from these plants! Or sealife so GOD gives us everything we need in life! Including my freedom which is all I’m asking for! To Speak truth be a disciple of GOD a Jesus Holy Spirit and respect All humans tell my story! Love my kids miss my family! CBD heck I ain’t used pills in almost 4yrs lost 120lbs learned to walk again now getting totally fucked by everyone I know… true story DMRamsey on Instagram DMRamsey Twitter TexasHempChef TikTok David Ramsey LinkedIn Facebook. I’m saying all this because I’ve been told I should hang myself extorted bribed and had everything from kids to guns dreams to real life taken from me since the day I retired #FVcatherineM #CatherineM true stories all this is real.

Definitely feel this vibe

Now I’m just trying to save my life and focus on #HighEnergyHealthyEating #HighEnergyHealthyDrinks #HighEnergyHealthySnacks I’m not “high” btw trust me I’m on 15 more months VETCourt Probation get to see my PO monthly Atleast 3 piss tests randomly monthly and 120hrs community service guess it’s better than the 10-20 yrs star jail time

Possession of Paraphernalia (grinder I used to grind CBD Hemp Flower)

Evading Arrest Motor Vehicle funny I was never read rights advice and signaled them to follow me home on the highway and didn’t stop till I got back to my house and parked in driveway (yes I was sober by the way)!

Resisting arrest I was a Federal Law Enforcement Officer in USCG a trust me not to mention 100% Disabled 100% Comabt Related I wasn’t resisting the was trying to report theft hell I even call 911 CCPD and Feds!

Wreckless Driving I actually graduated Tactical Vehicle Op’s Course I was in full control of my vehicle!

I’m on TikTok are you? #TexasHempChef

Possession Cannabis Concentrate they didn’t ask permission to search my vehicle went through it came back asking me where my GUN was I said in my gun safe in house! Locked up like they always are why? Then they went back found my secure box I use to keep my CBD in and said what’s this? I said Delta 8/10 I can use it! I’m Native American check my wallet not to mention it’s CBD and have bank statements showing legal purchases made from local stores for Hemp Flower that was stolen as well as my bank account that’s now empty officer they laughed at me while a senior officer ne of like 9 cop cars that. Showed up said what’s up with eviction notice typed on computer pater like hand written I said I don’t know my wife just left me. Came hope to eviction notice and all shit hemp stolen and cash while I was sleeping hell they even left the window open! What’s happened why I tried calling 911 Cops and feds … what they do? Hauled me to jail no rights advice or permission to search truck in my driveway. Then I get told by my ex wife we got divorced after we got divorced pretty shitty I was never served divorce papers… and she gets my guns now but said I can have them back when I graduate VetCourt in 15months…

For real I got arrested the next morning

“Actually made the phone calls” click picture for awesome song true story I feel like I’m living that song right now

I was “arrested” never read rights advice btw 4/13/2022 released midJuly 2022

Not to mention filed dozens of grievances against county jail while I was a Trustee 100days for mistreatment food conditions inhumane treatment sad our country jail should treat inmates better. No wonder the Corrections Officers where so miserable some got off on beating inmates trust me they told me hey check this guy out and would laugh at them as I served food did laundry or worked in a shitty ass kitchen rats all over that thing and in food on the trays living in the styrofoam trays and cups boxes so yeah this year I’m giving it all to GOD!

I love GOD Family Community
Amen American
GOD Made me who I am amen
Amen BURDEN Music
Calling all warriors

I speak Truth Love GOD and miss my kids!

Can’t stand liars cheating and thieves

DMRAMSEY Instagram
TexasHempChef TikTok
David Ramsey LinkedIn




I just want to see my kids and have this nightmare go away! It was CBD while I called it #HempGuideToHealthyEating now sober writing and sharing how I lost it all HighEnergyHealthyEating a sober version sober mind sober body sober life! About learning to walk again after loosing it all! Finding GOD in my darkest Hours! LOVE True Love is about Forgiveness but telling the Truth!

I don’t care what the world says I’m speaking up! #freedomofspeech #freedomofreligion #veteranshelpingveterans

Instagram Is Cool 😎

life #piety page 160 😉 this book I’m writing #WordsOfWisdom is definitely full of great advice I have collected over the years. Inspired by CCTI #chiefscalltoinitiation #Chiefs #chiefscalltoindoctrination #chiefscall #TheGoatLocker #TheGoatLockerInc all moving forward #theditchwitchhuntclub #theditchwitchhunt #theditchwitches #TheDichWitch all a #fantastic #fantasy it’s funny my research to write my fantasy book (not the one ya see now) actually got me accused of being #manic #mania lmfao it’s funny when you expand your thoughts the people will look at ya and either love ya or leave ya! What I was doing was what my #doctorsrecommended to over come #Anxiety #Depression #Insomnia #chronicpain #centralnervoussystemdisorder #suicidalthought you must have understanding #nojudgement #love and #support find #hobbies what happened? My hobbie got raided by the game wardens , my company I shared in CoOwnership got taken from me and renamed my family left me my friends turned away from me lies started cheaters came and went haters activated thieves took what ever they wanted… but I overwhelmed overall leaped over the obstacles. I do train in Freediving Spearfishing I do love my exWife and her family and friends I do forgive those who took who tried to destroy. Why? I’m a Disciple a step below Priest & Saint! Just below Angels 9 of them and GOD! My soul has been blessed this man you see now no not the same. Ya see I’ve hunted fished killed 100’s of 1000’s of birds fish and game. Now maybe a fish or two would be nice. Prefer seafood and salad. Living healthy Sober and in love! GOD ME My Family! I’m slowly decluttering my life and even got called crazy when I made 3 dump runs but it was all my stuff to do away with. Ya see be ready when you take the next step in the journey because people will judge ya! #Empath I’m a Positive one! EGO NO Ma’am no Sir! I live in balanced life with my subconscious vs consciousness I’m just sharing my journey and thoughts it was CBD!!! It’s why it was called #HempGuideToHealthyEating bank statements all my legal purchases from local shops? I’m upset it cost me everything No 3+ yrs No Pills Booze 1+ yr no Pot 2yrs no Kratum no spice no K2 watchyour6

If you don’t tell the truth ya can’t heal from it… I LOVE GOD Family and Forgive! But after what I have been through, I’m never giving up on GOD, ME, my kids… and or Forgiveness! Life is special life should be filled with love not Haters, Cheaters, LIARS!

I’m speaking truth about how I healed and what it cost me! From Family, Friends to CoOwner and Chief Marketing Officer of a Brand, Patent & Trademark called Gator-Gripp , GatorGrippHD, now PullSetGripp!

I don’t care what people wanna say and do! Just don’t fuck with my ExWife, my Kids! Or My Family! Because people have tried to extort me, bribe me, stole from me, cheated on me, and lied to me!

At the end of the day, I’m healing, I’m sober, I’m a disciple of Christ and this is my Testimony my Testament! My trust in GOD that will correct all of this! From false stories to totally fucking me over when it came to the Company I coOwned Panga I owned Taxidermy dream I had! I’m not abusive, not abusing substances and yes used cannabis up till two years ago when I started using CBD!

Haven’t had any alcohol in a year or pills in 3-4years! I can say it everyday if I want!

Did you loose a company? Your kids? Your Spearfishing Tournament? Have to sell your boat because ya got accused of running dope and humans? Did you loose 3 wives 3 daughters and son? Are you even sober? Are you a disciple of GOD? Do you believe in indigenous people? White people Black People Yellow People Red People? Did ya serve 20 years save 100’s of 1000’s of lives? Did you have 10 surgeries learn to walk again twice loose 80lbs the first time over 100 the second time? Did you get your ass kicked in the surf zone? Did you rescue people during hurricane Harvey? Have you ever been Baker Acted Twice? Accused of being in a Militia or Arms Manufacturing? Ya see a real bad crowd has been spreading lies, I tried to call for help! Called 911, called local PD , I love cops BTW I was a Federal Law Enforcement Officer or worked with them for 20 years! Did you call FBI? I did, I even tried two get two officers in a Car to help me because I have had everything taken from me! So hears the deal!

I Forgive You, I love you, but you owe me now! And I will be damned if you don’t show me respect! I’m a Father a Man a Veteran proud of all humans love America!

GOD Bless

Dear Father God, we live in a world where injustice is rife, freedoms are rapidly being removed and persecution of believers is on the increase. I come to You Father, to lay before You all the men and women who have had their freedoms removed, each one is precious in Your sight, for each one is a blood-bought child of Yours.

Be with all who are suffering injustice and loss of their freedoms, whether through government restrictions or groups that are intent on harming them, and give wisdom to the men and ministries that are seeking to support those that have been affected in this way.

Lord, I know that only when Jesus returns will true justice be restored and true freedom be established. Keep each one of Your children under the protection of Your wing, and may all who trust in Christ find their rest in Him, knowing that He is able and willing to support in time of need and to help in time of trouble. In Jesus’ name I pray,


freedomofspeechisahumanright so is #freedomofreligionorbelief Amen!

GOD BLESS YOU a and I forgive you all!

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