Life in Piety


life #piety page 160 😉 this book I’m writing #WordsOfWisdom is definitely full of great advice I have collected over the years. Inspired by CCTI #chiefscalltoinitiation #Chiefs #chiefscalltoindoctrination #chiefscall #TheGoatLocker #TheGoatLockerInc all moving forward #theditchwitchhuntclub #theditchwitchhunt #theditchwitches #TheDichWitch all a #fantastic #fantasy it’s funny my research to write my fantasy book (not the one ya see now) actually got me accused of being #manic #mania lmfao it’s funny when you expand your thoughts the people will look at ya and either love ya or leave ya! What I was doing was what my #doctorsrecommended to over come #Anxiety #Depression #Insomnia #chronicpain #centralnervoussystemdisorder #suicidalthought

you must have understanding #nojudgement #love and #support find #hobbies what happened? My hobbie got raided by the game wardens , my company I shared in CoOwnership got taken from me and renamed my family left me my friends turned away from me lies started cheaters came and went haters activated thieves took what ever they wanted… but I overwhelmed overall leaped over the obstacles.

I do train in Freediving Spearfishing I do love my exWife and her family and friends I do forgive those who took who tried to destroy. Why? I’m a Disciple a step below Priest & Saint! Just below Angels 9 of them and GOD! My soul has been blessed this man you see now no not the same. Ya see I’ve hunted fished killed 100’s of 1000’s of birds fish and game. Now maybe a fish or two would be nice. Prefer seafood and salad. Living healthy Sober and in love! GOD ME My Family! I’m slowly decluttering my life and even got called crazy when I made 3 dump runs but it was all my stuff to do away with.


Ya see be ready when you take the next step in the journey because people will judge ya! #Empath I’m a Positive one! EGO NO Ma’am no Sir! I live in balanced life with my subconscious vs consciousness I’m just sharing my journey and thoughts it was CBD!!! It’s why it was called #HempGuideToHealthyEating bank statements all my legal purchases from local shops? I’m upset it cost me everything No Pills 3+ yrs No Booze 1+ yr no Pot 2yrs no Kratum no spice no K2 watchyour6

I share what healed me!
I love this world we call earth all people places and things… I embrace all relationships religions beliefs LOVE & Forgiveness AMEN!
selflessness #searchandrescue #dmr Surfman374 DMR BMC 1998-2018 #CoastGuard #commendationmedal #TEXAS I love my Family #Dadlife and definitely miss my children ❤️…. My life cost me everything! But #GOD ‘s got a Plan
May blessings be upon you all love love forgiveness….
Amen 🙏🏾

Do Not… Poem

Do not Judge me, Judge yourself
Do not be angry at me forgive yourself
Do not hate me love yourself
Do not mimic me, be yourself
Do not love my GOD love OUR GOD
Do not live like me, live your life
Do not try to destroy me, you’ll destroy your life
Do not worship me, worship GOD
Do not praise me, Praise GOD
Do not Disciple like me Spread GODS Word
Do Not take from me it will be taken back
Do not work like me, Do GODS Work
Do Not Sin against Me, ASK GOD Forgiveness

poem #GOD #LOVE #forgiveness #dmr

“Love and Live in Harmony with nature and don’t hurt women and children! “ #dmr

Definitely blazing hot but the 6.5mi+ hike was worth it… back to walking long range I love going the distance…

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