2:48 Am Field Guide To life

“I bet it’s all true!!! IMO it was all based on something bigger than us! We are humans they are GODS! I choose ONE God! King of the Mountain Lord of Lords GodOFGods to worship”!

Disciple DMRAMSEY SONofGOD BrotherofJesus
“I bet it’s all true!!! IMO it was all based on something bigger than us! We are humans they are GODS! I choose ONE God! King of the Mountain Lord of Lords GodOFGods to worship”!

“I might just have to watch this movie after I finish writing in my book… “!!! finish read to find out movie 😉


When I can’t sleep I Pray! #read #write or #walk when I’m stressed I #listentomusic #meditation #stretch or #workout life is about #flow #love #faith and #forgiveness

Where does my #energy come from???

It’s divine

“ #Divine breath, #kundalini, “the #yoga of awareness,” opens your heart, builds strength and releases the energy located at the base of your spine.”!

Just say’n it ain’t drugs alcohol or pills!

dmr add #light & #vibration 🔥😎💧🤙


O God, my Provider, I pray that You will guide me into an enduring, passionate, healthy, and committed life-long relationship. Protect me from relationships that will bring harm or heartbreak. Help me to not be so giddy with excitement when I meet someone new that I overlook important details about that person which need to be brought to light Lead me to that special person who is the one You know is best for me. Amen.

Lead Me to the Right One In Life till Death #tilldeathdowepart #foreeverwife #groomzilla (true story) I’m simple I just want a House my Kids, Grandkids will enjoy, a BOY, Bigger Boat, “sold all mine paying off bills in the past guess I should have kept the boat lmfao because I could have one awesome one after all the money the last three wives cost me god specially with those wedding rings talk about money not well spent” and Beach wedding #QueenOfHearts can come find me if she even exists #godwillblessme


AMEN #ohbrotherwhereartthou #archangelboys #SONSofGOD #daughtersofgod I like to digitally pray as well makes me happy feel closer to my GOD with all the “Gods” you can pray to mine will bless me! I #Believe have #FaithinGOD you see so much so I’m not afraid to #SpreadGODSWord or show ya how I pray or when I pray! Since people in this community have accused me of so much wrongdoing bet most of it was lies to cover their own asses I’m just gonna share my life to show ya how I’m loosing weight dealing with healing a broken heart and how I avoid anxiety depression insomnia #PTSD a #CentralNervousSystemDisorder without the use of cannabis hemp pills drugs or alcohol just doin and using what GOD gave eyes to see truth, ears to listen, hands to create content build strength nourish use my mouth way less! Use body way more! @dmramsey instagram HempGuideToHealthyEating HighEnergyHealthyEating

Wanna see what’s in my coffee? Click picture 😉

“Ya never know when a post could be all it takes to save a life speak truth being someone closer to god or just give them the inspiration or hope they need. So it’s why I create! #contentcreator “

It’s kinda like the #MetaVerse #metaversegeneration #Meta #Verse #MetaverseNews #metaverseinfluencer #MetaVerseWatcher #TheWatchMan #TheFirm #TheFoundation #TheMatrix #TheFamily #TheGame #TheTomb #TheDeepState #TheFranchise #TheSystem #TheWorld #METAVERSESearchandRescue #MetaVerseSAR #MetaVerseHero #MetaVerseLifeSaver #MetaVerseSurfman

Trick or Treat? BOTH!!! IMO HempGuideToHealthyEating TexasHempChef #metaverselifesaver

begoodtoothers “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” These Bible verses are the perfect source of inspiration to remind you how important it is to be kind to others.

That workout was awesome!!! I love earlier workouts just say’n #Pumpedthefuckup #soberlifestyle #JackedUponJava and almond milk btw #HighEnergyHealthyDrinks my shoes I love them @adidas they rock ❤️🤍💙‼️🙏🏾🫵✊🤙💣❌✅☝🏻and my @starbucks #Sumatra #pikeplaceroast☕️ blended @heb almond milk BTW nothing else simple! On @instagram

TikTok Video Click Pic 🙏🏾☝🏻

What’s my secret 🤫


Supernatural #Forces #Spiritually “Attacking Through Electronics”

| #SufiMed…

https://youtu.be/OxKzYgT36ZQ via @YouTube

LightHouse shines brighter when ya use it! Always got me back home safe #Surfman374

Here’s how I would recommend starting Christ is the King in the centre with nine angelic figures, each of them represents, higher row: Dominions, Cherubim, Seraphim, and Angels; lower row: Principalities, Thrones, Archangels, Virtues, and Powers.

Kinda like my “diagnosis” from Military and VA I had to break it down learn myself just like the Bible and Quran if you look up each class of Angel as I have they will speak to you in a way you will understand trust me it’s a spiritual and physical journey when ya learn about your angels and how they protect us in the heaven real world and spiritual world…

Trust me I had most of my physical encounters in Niccoles moms house both of them as well as most spiritual it took 4.5 years t be completely comfortable with who I am but it cost me my company my marriage and the world has certainly judged me for me encounters were real! And what people saw was nothing short of spiritual warfare I sware on my soul I have seen angels had them communicate with with me and definitely watched them battle all my demons and darkness to eventually become this man the world now see’s it’s divine that’s for damn sure what it tested me to my last breath! And cost me everything

But then again I was read my last rights at birth being 1lb6oz and dead… born in a Catholic Hospital In Alaska 1978 and definitely have felt protected but truly battled my whole life… I’ve always risen above everything from Allstate nose guard to Surfman374 gold medal at Whitehouse massive giveaway in Spearfishin world to tournament for everyone else! Not to mention showing love for a family who didn’t even say hello yesterday at a viewing it’s like I literally don’t exist to any of them obviously they got what they wanted a daughter and for niccole to divorce me.. true story because niccole only texts me and she didn’t even say thanks in person just tells me she loves me when no one’s around so I’m done with fake humans and being taken advantage of… I’m solo again on to the next best chapter of my life fully protected by GOD and My Angels. As for niccole they took my whole world from me… so she can figure out how to make it right now. I’m done trying to shine love light and forgiveness on her family and friends

I’m done trying to shine love light and forgiveness on her family and friends do I still love my ex wife YES! And I asking god for forgiveness ever day do I forgive other all the time have I yes! Will I speak truth always have because it’s how I heal! So stop hating lies and cheaters thieves destroying you and you alone! Not me I still love her!


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