Who Am I?

People use to judge me for being so culturally trained but the reality is we are all trying to live learn and enjoy 12 Tribes taught me I’m glad I listened rebuilding is way better than destroying

BIBLE & Quran Beautiful Books Read Them Often … DMR

I also created #HighEnergyHealthyEating a sober version to enjoy life and all that nourishment 🤙 #Surfman374 and had to learn to walk again after 10 surgeries 100’s of 1000’s of lives it cost me married life my kids 100days in jail lost it all! But I believe in plant Based Healing! And stand for that! Yes !!! Trust me it can! I lost 120lbs from cooking with it and truly feel more balanced in life now than ever unfortunately I have to wait 15more months till I can continue my journey with plant based healing! #HempGuideToHealthyEating

You can tell a lot by what kinda coffee cups we have… #CoffeeTalk #CoffeeCupTalk

Key Points

I don’t drink alcohol
I don’t use pills
I live sober
I am balancing my spiritual life
I am balancing my physical life

I am active physically and mentally
I challenge myself to create
I post constantly
I try to tell my story
I am Anti Suicide

CHIEFS Academy Altus Tendo

AirForce NCOA Honor Graduate

I’m a Veteran
I’m a Man
I’m a Dad!
I’m Catholic a Disciple in Fact Authorization granted by the Church!
I’m a LIFE Member of the NAC NativeAmericanChurch


I’m a Knight Of Columbus
I studied 4 years with Muslims & Rastafarians
I went to College
I have a Applied Science in Vessel Operations degree

20 Yrs CyberSecurity

Worked with every Agency in Federal Government CIA, DEA, FBI, ICE you name it and all branches of Military State and Local

Founded a Spearfishing Tournament rigsreefclassicspearfishing

Created BlackNBlue Paintball to include online store and paintball field even got AirSmith Certified

Actually had and sold firearms with MY FFL

100Ton Captian 2007-Present Date

Learned Weapons Manufacturing

Retired Military 20 yrs 100% Combat Related
BMC , Chief BoatswainMate E7
Proud Father of 3 Girls 1 Boy
I’m an American Internationally Trained
I learned from the Best
Got a Gold Medal called The Associations For Rescues At Sea #AFRASGoldMedal from Washington DC at the WhiteHouse
Was In Federal Law Enforcement 20yrs
Involved in Search & Rescue 20 yrs
Love my community
From Timber Industry
To Commercial Fishing
Home Builders
The City Builders
OILField to Port Security

Small Arms Instructor to Offshore GUNex range Master
US Fisheries & Law Enforcement
Anti Terrorism to War on DRUGS
US Patent & Trademark Holder
CoOwner Chief Marketing Officer
“Pull Set Gripp, ProDraw, GatorGripp, GatorGrippHD
Advanced Outdoor Film and Production School Graduate
Not a Narcissist an EMPATH
Not a Witch just writing about one LMFAO 🤣 but definitely believe in Magic

“real Magic starts with living in harmony with Nature by the way”!

I am what I am! It ain’t what it ain’t!

You do you, I’m just healing! From 26 pills drinking anxiety depression insomnia ptsd to 3 attempts at Suicide while on active duty twice because I was cheated on! Once because I was retiring the next day and didn’t feel I would bring anything to my family being crippled lost and broken inside and out!


A Man A Father a Disciple


marketing #film #love #community #oilfield #security #school #science #writing #veteran #lawenforcement #offshore #military

Excuses Make nothing easy! hardwork pays off in the end! #TheLongRoad #WordsofWisdom DavidRamsey

My demons are like what the fuck did texas do to Dave I want some of that lmfao Mean while my angels are like Yo slow down fucker enjoy the ride While GODS likes like I told Ya So! I’m Very informed well said! I literally crossed oceans battled your demons and mine! And keep on keepin on love it!!! #LOVEYADemons #LoveYaAngels #LoveYOUGOD #dmr

I Graduated Catholic #Disciple Program now I’m able to preach 😉 and fully approved by the Church #dmr sober shit btw

Disciple DavidRamsey Catholic & Native American Church trained by Muslims and Rastafarians I like a well rounded human

I actually got asked if I believe in the Law….

This came from a Captian in my Local Law Enforcement Community LMFAO

I’m Like yeah asshole 10Commandments

Because man’s laws corrupt that laws based on money and keeping you in #TheSystem

He then asked if I planned on chasing any cops down on the highway I said only if they forget the cuff keys, forget to read rights advice, forget to ask permission to search my vehicle on private property, add false charges , use excessive force, and continue to lie! I would be glad to train them and teach them! Lmfao

I said we’re you not a Navy Chief? He replied yes! Well I’m a Coast Guard Chief! We follow the rules Believe in Education before Enforcement and definitely protect and serve our Community!!! department of homeland security…. #DHS oh and we also test Substance because that Was #CBD

So #True Story #JudgementIsComing

Y’all owe me BIGTIME! #TheLaw

How can you evade arrest if you were never arrested or detained? Lmfao Fucken hilarious let me tell ya!!! Oh yeah I’m sober by the way

🫵🤙✊ And this Is Freedom of Speech !

I’m not MANIC I’m Blessed with skills and trying to save more lives I’m an Empath not narcissist BTW

freedomofspeechisahumanright #freedomofreligion #rightsadvice

TrainTruth #SpreadLove #Texas

Media Being a Witness. This is a fact shared below lost in history. Following orders against humanity is not a defense. We will remember who you are… #humanity FIRST #Faith and #Love

Let me tell ya! “random UA’s” lmfao taken 2 already and get to take a 3rd today!

I’m sober FUCKERS Jokes on YOU #Texas #hempguidetohealthyeating I don’t even cook with what saved my life anyone haven’t used #CBD in 8 months Cannabinoids work! But I haven’t used #cannabis in two years! Ain’t drank #alcohol in a year and been off #pills almost 4 years not to mention don’t use #Mushrooms #peyote #Spice or #Kratum or #steroids it’s just seafood fruits and vegetables for me! #SoberLife I love how they treat #AmericanHeroes sure we may act up, but I’m definitely doing what I should! #Surfman374 #vetcourtmentors #disciple #SONOFGOD #archangelboys #highenergyhealthyeating #highenergyhealthydrinks #highenergyhealthysnacks is what it is High energy Foods and drinks!!! #UncleSam #freedomofreligion #MyRights #LifeStyle #DMR #HUSTLR want my blood? Hair sample Spinal fluid? I will gladly let ya test that!

Boy the states really digging to try and bust me! LMFAO I’m sober these assholes are gonna look stupid when this is over! #dmr

I post random shit that’s for sure just means I have a #diverse #metaverse #dmr showing a great deal of variety; very different. including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations, etc. di·verse that’s why #PostIt

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