Honey Bees and Flowers

cost me marriage 100 days jail 18 months pretrial diversion #VETCourt I was cooking with #CBD #Concentrate “didn’t even read rights advice” searched my truck without consent & charged me with 5 BS charges after GoldMedal at Whitehouse 20 Years Military #HempGuideToHealthyEating #billmurray rocks #FreedomOfSpeech is social media btw! It’s how I heal and express my thoughts opinions Atleast I believe in plant based healing as an alternative to anxiety depression insomnia ptsd suicide drinking & pill abuse Atleast I believe in something that grows from the earth! That GOD the Creator Made!

Hemp and Honey

Okay I’m all about Honey so I’m definitely joining! Don’t hate me I infused Hemp and Honey and let me tell ya! Lost 120lbs crushed anxiety depression insomnia ptsd and after 3x’s at suicide last attempt 4.5 years ago I’m definitely living a better life now thanks to Bees and Hemp! #HempGuideToHealthyEating a digital cookbook Journey on Instagram and Facebook just search that hashtag im now working on #HighEnergyHealthyEating a Sober Version

DontBeStupid smarten up people! #GOD #Faith #HOPE

It so far is working out! Cost me my job marriage and kids but I have faith GOD hasn’t let me fuck up to bad so far… true story #Surfman374 I’m about what I’m doing and love it! At least I believe in what I’m doing! And proud of all of it! blessings on your journey GOD Bless y’all who ever reads this rocks !!! I did end up in jail btw lmfao but I also got a Gold Medal At The White House for 100’s of 1000’s of rescues I’m still alive and I will be damned if anyone takes me away from my dreams! I love my family what friends I have left! And America I’m also painfully Sober as in no Booze Bud or Pills and or Drugs so this has definitely taught me to be better to do better! By the way I was saved by plant based healing GODS Herbs true story!


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