If you rent, you’re also homeless. Is not your house you dummy lol truth I would love my own home thought I had one once, but that went out the door… nothing like being told it’s gonna be yours I love you forever and then POOF ….

So now I have about 15months of House Hunting to fill my tag #HouseHuntingTag So far #TagSoup but in 15months I’m hoping to #TagOut finally then on to a bigger boat! I miss being offshore shooting fish hanging out with like minded men and women #GOD aim giving it all to you always have always will… all I ever wanted was GOD, Family, Home, Boat!

I got GOD now time to focus on #FamilyHomeBoat #dmr

I got a Great Credit Score so hopefully I can put it all together in 1.5years so I can further live my best life and give my kids a happy home. Loving home! A place they can enjoy and hopefully one day grandkids will enjoy. My lifeGoals are simple now time to focus on prayer saving healing future


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