Fun fact About Me

I’m an Empath ! ! ! 100% Fact Diagnosis Proven

That’s gonna be my face when #Texas let’s me #offmyleash lmfao #imfree (to soon for jokes)? Lmfao hilarious sometimes Funny kinda Asshole been called that too hahahhahaha lover yes! Fighter hell yes passionate in yep! #PositiveEmphath yes! Narcissist NO! narcissistic absolutely Fucken NOT!

I would rather give it all up give it all away than have it all!

For you who don’t know a nar·cis·sist is –
Learn to pronounce
a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.
“narcissists who think the world revolves around them”

What am I clinical diagnosis was 100% Hyper Creative Positive Empath with a side order of #anxiety #depression #insomnia #ptsd a few #neuroligicaldisorders and a shit load of #chronicpain to be expected after 20 years of selfless service to nation as #Surfman374 I put my whole life on the line for 100’s of 1000’s of Americans from Alaska, Oregon, Washington to Texas! #TheSurf to #HurricaneHarvey I’m might #postit but I loved #SAR #savinglivesatsea #Solas Life for me! I’m just a #SaltySoul who loves #spearfishing #freediving #biggame #birds and #Nationalparks and #cannabis #hemp wrote a few books even to tell ya my story writing a few others it’s called hashtags #hempguidetohealthyeating #highenergyhealthyeating #highenergyhealthysnacks #highenergyhealthydrinks trust me if it was legain in #Texas I would have called it #CannabisGuideToHealthyEating Cannabis Indica Sativa Ruderalis Hemp you name it! When ya eat it, it’s really good for y’all! Trust me! I’m in a shitload of pain now that I haven’t had any in 7months! And my anxiety depression insomnia ptsd has all come back! But I’m not gonna let this race whoop my ass! Life’s worth it!

True Story

The opposite of a narcissist is called an ’empath’— here are the signs you could be one. People who are very receptive to the emotions of others are known as empaths. They are also very sensitive to noise, smell, and being around people. This means they are overwhelmed in crowds, and get exhausted in social situations. Just so ya know it’s true!!! @dmramsey #dmr #surfman374 I actually had stage fright most of my career why I cried when I got the #AfrasGoldMedal at the #WhiteHouse btw… #Fact I’m a Positive Empath Hyper Creative

And this is my Happiness best spent with loved ones or alone….

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