No one ever calls

4/13/22 I was Arrested Sad Story

No one ever calls

No one ever stops by

No one ever offers to take me Spearfishing, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Biking, Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Date

But I’ve been accused of Drug Smuggling, Human Trafficking SaltySoulSpearfishing SaltySoulPanga, Family Violence, Substance Abuse, & working for Poachers SaltySoulTaxidermy ! Taking money / prize donations from my Spearfishining tournament(rigsreefclassicspearfishing)

Being a drug dealer, Growing Marijuana (HEMP) 100% Hemp 100 Percent Legally purchased from “CBD” Shops in CorpusChristi Texas! So ya wonder why I’m pissed off? I couldn’t even call 911, CorpusChristi PD, or the FBI a without being arrested shortly after! I’ve been Baker Acted Twice (asked if I had any thing to do with capital riots, NO but I did get the #AfrasGoldMedal at WhiteHouse , asked if I was in a Militia or Worked for Cartel) LMFAO no! Asked if I was an Arms Manufacturer! Nope! I’m an American Hero getting fucked over in South Texas! I even got screwed by Gator-Gripp Rack Systems, #ProDraw #GatorGripp #GatorGrippHd #PullSetGrip #PSG just Google it that’s hilarious!!! So thanks to social media my life’s been ruined! I never hurt my exwife, never was abusing her or any of my children! Unfortunately when people lie sometimes you got to yell! That’s the worst i ever did! GunViolence is real! I don’t believe in it! Why I never carry unless I’m hunting or going to test my weapons they always remain locked up! So because all this! I’m on probation 16 more months, lost my guns rights during this time! Have been completely defamed! Because Liars, Cheaters, Haters Suck!

Wrongfully Detained 2020 Baker Acted a Week at the Palms on the Border

Raided by Tactical Team 2021 Baker Acted and spent a Week at Oceans completely interrogated

Arrested Illegal Search and Seizure 2022 spent 100Days in County Jail

True Story DavidMRamsey #dmr

Not even served my divorce papers 2022 !


It’s a place Familiar a Place Family’s can enjoy #FamilyTime #GoCorpusFood #themostimportantmealoftheday #breakfastideas Surfman374


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