Next 1.5 years is Not gonna Be Fun!


Next 16 Months gonna be a blast! I’m Sober BTW

Monthly Meetings with Probation Officer
Calling Urine Analysis Agency everyday
(I get 3 randoms a month) LMFAO
Attending VetCourt because BadCopsSuck
Let me tell ya how I really feel! Lmfao
“liars, cheaters, thieves, haters” Suck!

Specially when I haven’t Drank since the fall of 2021 (Military even said I wasn’t alcohol dependent)! backed by VA
Haven’t been used any of the 26 prescriptions as prescribed USMilitary Doctors Civilian Doctors and VA (since 2019/2020) Funny I’m on a No Pills Program Dept Vet Affairs last 3 years!
Never created Family Violence ain’t seen my kids in years or months from all of them!
Definitely Pissed off! Spent a 100 days locked up lmfao had my company stolen from me! Name changed and all! Shutdown Tournament because bad NonProfits screwed me over! Shut down my dreams of taxidermy because I got raided because liars love to lie! South Texas y’all not been real cool with me! Did anyone come help@me when I called 911, CCPD, FBI? Nah what about Baker Acting me? What about all the stupid questioning for stuff I don’t have anything to do with! Who’s protecting my rights? #nevergiveup hell I didn’t even get served divorce papers!


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