One Nation Under God

We The People Soul of The Nation

I love Jokes, They Are Funny!

🤣 🤪 😂
“ I would love to see the memes if I was president”!

In his defense He’s is still the #commanderandchief and we voted for him America 🇺🇸 The People United States of America #soulofthenation that’s one thing I do have #mysoul #vote #GodLovesaGoodSoul #soulfood #soulmate #beavisandbuttheaddoamerica after 20 years military service I had to serve during a-lot of different leaderships! Trust me! I’m might joke but I would never harm my country or it’s people! #protectyourpeace David Ramsey 1998-2018 Surfman374 BMC Retired


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