American Grown Herbs

mkultra sir! Sorry not sorry! Aliens gave it to me, it was Sasquatch sir! And a mermaid 🤣

lmfao #militaryjokes #unclesamdidit Lmfao hahahaha #dopejokes #TexasHempChef I know my UA’s are clean! Because I don’t cook with that stuff! #HighEnergyHealthyEating just nuts fruits vegetables and meat for me! It was CBD (hemp) ! That I used to create #hempguidetohealthyeating other wise I would have called it #WeedGuideToHealthyEating or #CocaineGuideToHealthyEating Lmfao just say’n I’m an honest cook! BTW my magic works! #uatestjokes I do drink a lot of coffee with oat, almond, & soy milk been over 6 months since I used my solar infusion made #instapotrecipes like #hempHoney that stuff was amazing helped with anxiety depression insomnia ptsd pain management sleep nerve pain cramps & spasms …. Just say’n 💚🌱🔥 #nodrugs for me these days! Actually never tried boogerSugar but definitely am pro-cannabis 🇺🇸 nothing better than #americanGrownherb


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