Squash Tea Peony Lemon

spaghettisquashpeonylemontea #whitepeony #lemon #spaghettisqash it’s how I make my TEA I drink daily I just keep adding the water after I steam my squash to the lemons and White Peony Leaves #highenergyhealthyeating #highenergyhealthysnacks #HighEnergyHealthyDrinks lots of benefits from White Peony , Squash, and Lemons

White Peony helps improve blood flow, pain management , hyperpigmentation, and mood disorders

Spaghetti squash also has omega-3 fatty acids (surprise!), making it anti-inflammatory and great for overall health.

Lemon Support Heart Health. …
Help Control Weight. …
Prevent Kidney Stones. …
Protect Against Anemia. …
Reduce Cancer Risk. …
Improve Digestive Health.


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