Broken Wings

Absolutely Crushed it Ma’am
“Click Pics to Hear this Song”

What go me through all this 👉 6 months No CBD/Hemp
11 months no Booze
48 months almost no pills
50 months since I tried to end my life

It’s worth it! Been a couple years as well no regular use Cannabis Indica it is legal in Texas to Treat what’s wrong with me but I have about 16.5 more months till I can consider that as an option for PTSD even possibly this neurological disorder for treatment…

So far treating Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD, Chronic Pain, Neurological Disorder with multiple Prayers daily, Sobriety, Yoga, Meditation, Acupuncture, and working out as best as I can.

Can’t Ever Give Up what it Takes

It’s not easy! It’s cost me my life! My marriage, time from children.

Being on opioids pain pills muscle relaxers anti depressants sleeping pills you name it 26 prescriptions from 1998-2018 sucked

sucked all while on active duty 20 years I served saved 100’s of 1000’s of lives it cost me everything in the end so the gold medal at the whitehouse was great but this journey was hell.

major surgeries 3 lumbar Fusions, Cervical Fusion, Both Shoulders, Both Wrists, Right Knee all while on Active Duty. 👈 #AfrasGoldMedal #FVCatherineM #Surfman374 was

MUSIC a music like yours ma’am that’s what did it! Music sends Vibration into us, into our soul it makes my soul dance. And My Body and Mind Have No choice but to jam with the Shadow… Blessings to you ma’am 💙🤙 BMC Retired #DMRamsey on IG) DMRamsey1 Twitter

The Pain and Suffering is Real

Well that and Cannabis/Hemp unfortunately that got me 100day in County Jail all because it got jacked and I chased a Cop Car Down on HWY lmfao 🤣 no joke #HempGuideToHealthyEating I’m writing a Cook book on Herbs and how they saved me from addiction and healed me. I lost 120lbs learned to walk again. Military Life was Heaven and Hell I’m glad I wasn’t successful at 3 attempts at suicide glad I found my shadow glad I know the truth about life family and friends hell lost most of them hitting bottom even ended up homeless but ya know what. I found this man I am now and am thankful proud of my 3 daughters actually thankful all my ex wives rock and just thankful for music like yours …

I definitely know what County feels like never going back! “Queen of Hearts” 💙🤙 Desperado

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