Hit a Nerve

Truth be told!

Them – then stop feeding off of bs!
Me – LMFAO nope

Them – Own up to your decisions you made.
Me – Always

Them – You are where you are because you let wrong vs wrong overcome your will.

Me – Wrong vs wrong never met me obviously because I’m GOOD! God is good

Them – Unnatural things lead you down the wrong path cause you let it!

Me – UnNatural trust me I believe in the Spirit world and my angels and demons rock! No one leads me! I’m a BOSS

Here’s the deal, I love comments but some times weak ass people think they know me better than me. I’m my own leader next to GOD I’m gonna do what I do! Say what I say! Be a Lighthouse and stand by my mistakes! Humans do or Don’t! Be about it, and Talk About it!

Live or Die I’m Good with My Life! I have overcome the pills, the alcohol, did that years ago! As for suicide over 4 years ago! I was at my lowest! I was over life. I was physically broken mentally over it! Ya see not many have done what I have. When you actually have busted your ass for life saved 100’s of 1000’s of lives it comes with a price. The body , mind, and soul can only take so much! What you do to push back the angels and demons is on you! You come in my house and try and council me, I will either except the fellowship or look ya right in the eyes and say Fuck Off.

I will not allow negative vibes to last long in my life. Rise above Never Give up! I’ve been climbing my mountain my way! Getting what I have learning from what I had to!

Grind Hard I never stopped! Cheaters liars Thieves I can’t stand! When your a Good Guy! Bad Guys can’t stand ya!

Welcome to the House of Gives Zero Fucks! Because I’m gonna live my way! All day!

Taking lessons learned as they come.

You never Cross the Bar without taking a few big Fucken waves! Square up! Fix what gets fucked up! And do it again the next day!

Truth be told this is my way, smaller path! Long road! Less people!

I found beautiful inside me! I found strength and weakness and love it! I found the devil and the demons I found god!

The real world is gonna be harder than living in heaven! It’s the proving ground for men and women like me! So we can shine through the darkness. Stand tall! Square up

David Ramsey

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No one ever became better without failure! No one ever became successful without losing something! No one ever got up, without falling!

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