This is My Testimony

I hope you all have a blessed day today! Life can Fucken suck! Trust me, the best way I s to roll with each wave! It’s worth it! Never Give Up! I’m Hyper Creating because I’m a Positive Empath! I’m Human, we act up! We make mistakes. We say and do things that some people judge. We also are capable of turning it all around. Forgiveness and Love! Living laughing with each other not at each other! Someone once told me get comfortable being by yourself. Since the day I retired in 2018 I have been! Unfortunately I found myself away from my friends and family. Only surrounded by her friends and family. It put me to where I am now. Even more alone. This isn’t to say it’s her fault! It’s just say’n trust me I’ve been alone. I’ve been judged by my own family! I’ve been judged by friends who were not real true friends. I’ve been judged by her family. As well as her friends. In the end it woke me up! It made me realize umm GOD is the only thing judging me! And everyone should probably start looking back at themselves now! Because I have been alone since I retired. But now, I’m okay with it all. You see I understand loss, death, dishonesty. I unberstand cheaters liars and thieves! I understand what happens when you mess up! Because I am human I have said and done things I shouldn’t have! But it does not mean I should remain in that pit of darkness. It doesn’t mean I should suffer! So I got help! Got off the medicine, did the meditation. Looked at my shadow, embarrassing the pain! Never drank much but when I did it really never helped so I stopped that as well. Yes I believe GOD created all this for us to use! To enjoy! From plant to fish animals and fowl. All of it! What I enjoy now, less judgement being honest with my ex wives! Being a dad! Because I love the fact it still takes two humans blessed to create one amazing child! It’s our job to show them life and how to live it! So who cares if I still love my exwife! Who cares if I still miss her friends and family. Because it’s easy to remember the bad stuff. But warms my heart knowing we had even better stuff going on. It is my opinion my social media! My creativity… this is who I am! Like me or not! I love! I’m loyal! And Love my City! We all have our bright moments we all have or dark days! But honestly we should all forgive more! Live more! Love more and laugh more! Not at each other. But with each other! Helping each grow. So we can all shine! Judgement comes from GOD. So does Forgiveness. Today I pray we all except the things we changed. And forgive. Learn from the past! Come together for a better future! Trust me everyday ain’t peaches n cream! It’s Fire and Roses! It’s Positive & Negative. Do your best to balance yourself. Roll with it! Someone asked when ya gonna write a book about your life? Ha, so you mean to tell me since MySpace, to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok was created I need to write a book? What about the 22 years of being on social media? On the internet? From Creating an Online Paintball Store (BlackNBluePaintBall Dot Com) to A Bow Gun Utility Rack Company now called Pull set Gripp to a Tournament of Champions call Rigsreefclassicspearfishing dot com I haven’t written enough? I say I have! And what I created is mine! Like it love it or not. That’s on y’all! What I do is keep myself happy! To the best of my ability. Yes I will challenge you! Yes I will protect myself! Yes I love my exwife! Heck loved all them! It’s why girls were made! But I also love myself! And my creator! You see I’m 43! Like me or love me! I’ve tried to end my life 3 times wasn’t worth it! I had 10 major surgeries because I sacrificed it all for 100’s of 1000’s of humans as Surfman374. I’ve had to learn to walk again twice! Overcome 26 pills as prescribed. Lost 120lbs this last time and 80lbs back in 2010! So let me tell ya. Hell is real! Heaven is Real! And Life is worth it! Never Give Up! I’m proud of me! Love this man! And pray my children live a better life! I also pray for all of you! My extended family and friends whom ever you are where ever you are!


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