Did you have my six?

Your real Tribe falls with you and climbs back up even stronger! Birds of a feather fly together. The real friends and family help you on the way down and get back up! They dust ya off after the storm. They believe in you, they support you, the love you and ask nothing in return but for the same. Everyone falls never fall alone. Everyone stumbles never stumble alone. We are humans we all make mistakes forgiveness means to forgive. Love and loyalty ride to the end! The road isn’t perfect! It’s supposed to challenge you. Never Give Up! Never leave a hero alone. From gold medal to loosing it all. I’m 4 years not many stood by while but so many watched me fall. From the top to the bottom the hitting hard. Through pills i discovered sobriety, the drinking lead me to stopping. The choices better recognized sober. The decision made better with a clear mind. The body heals faster the cleaner it is, the soul illuminated better through sobriety and light. In darkness you discover a better way. At bottom you only have but one way up. After you loose everything love is the only thing that matters. Love yourself, your tribe! And never leave a hero alone. #positivevibes #positivethinking #positivemindset never stop always push harder. Never give up. #dmr i share on social media with only a few goals! Not to cause chaos, but so others can see through tribulations and revelations it becomes your #testimonial and those who stood beside you those are the real ones you should never forget! Those who watched you fall and didn’t throw a life ring those are the ones you should no longer turn to. Those who took everything from you are the worst! Those who lie, cheat, steal the lowest form of whom you should have in your life! Falling showed me who was all In for me! Falling showed me who was out to destroy me! Falling showed me humans a lot of them don’t care, and are Don’t believe in forgiveness. Judgement comes from you and the creator! Never leave a Hero Alone! #NeverLeaveAHeroAlone #Surfman374 because when we rise up! You won’t have the chance to be part of the tribe. You will loose more than them. It’s not easy being laughed at. Not easy being judged by others. Not easy being told you should do this and or that. When all they want is what you are! Not easy while others sit back and watch you crash. But for the ones who say I still love you! I’m here for you, do you need help! The blessings will also be spread to them! The tribe gets smaller that’s for sure! Real fast! Trust me I know who has my six and would rather watch me loose it all. Remember life is simple! Food Water Shelter. Add love family and friends for a better experience but know this not all family is family! Not all friends will remain! Rise above it all! Square up! Set goals, learn to over come what’s holding you back! And you will attract the better tribe. You will shine brighter. You will become the best version of you! Never Give Up! And definitely remember who stabbed ya on the way down! Since I gave my life to GOD I have been challenged, I did loose my family! Tell ya this more people lied than told the truth! More people stole then gave to me! More people used all my energy to only benefit them selves! In 4 years no one took me places. No one knocked on my door. No one offered to help grow my company. No one helped with the tournament. No one because in the end those who said they did still left me hanging on my cross alone! Now it’s truly just me and God! So thank god for today! Since I was born I have struggled. But you know what, I still became what I am today! By never giving up! I’m sober, loyal to my creator! And not afraid to say get out of my life! As for the company that took it all from me! I hope you have fun knowing what you did only made me realize further that life is better when you love it! So I’m glad I could create what I have! Be it paintball field bow gun Utility rack, Spearfishing tournament, 3 daughters! Because I know what it ment to me! It was love! It was built because I loved the outdoors! And wanted to set an example for my children! We all fall! We all make bad choices. Some of us get caught! Some of us don’t! The truth is always better! True love always worth fighting for! So from Gold Medal at the Whitehouse to learning to walk again! 100’s of 1000’s of lives saved to almost 100 days in county for plant based healing. I know who has my six! Truth be told I have never felt more physically alone in my life! I don’t have any family or friends in texas. If I did they would have shown up already. But since I retired in 2018 no one did and social media became a place where people just talked shit. Spread rumors. And Lied! Have you ever lost 120lbs? Are you actually sober? Have you lost 3 wives because of choices? Have you woke up after loosing everything in county jail? Have you ever given your heart to the world just to get nothing in return? I did… and it cost me everything! From my Marriage, to Gator-Gripp Rack Systems now called the “Pull Set Gripp” to my Tournament. Three things I loved and put my soul into! But I’m the end! GOD still gives me the breathing I needed. The blood flow I have! And the motivation to create online! Why? Simple, not many of us left on earth with a Soul! Not many of us left on earth who help real heroes when they fall! 10 major surgeries! And I got laughed at for wearing a back brace on YouTube! 10 surgeries and 26 prescription drugs and I got told I’m manic and a substance abuser! 10 major surgeries and Hurricane Harvey cost me my life! 1000’s of souls saved… to what loose everything 4 years after a 20 year bad ass military career…. Truth be told! The world is cold! And my tribe is so small it’s just me and god now! I don’t even get to see my kids! We all fall! Here’s to 6 months totally sober! 3+ years no pills and almost a year no alcohol… and learning who had my six!


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