6 Months later

tattooremoval 1st session definitely #notmarried now… that’s not a negative comment or directed at anyone but I kept this tattoo to show my commitment to my vows. Now that I am single it’s time to remove this. Because the past is the past today is now and the future is now! I’ve learned to give it to God the last 6months since I’ve been by myself almost 180days now. In the last 6months I’ve been able to be totally honest with myself and others. Definitely focused definitely #sober a lot has happened to me I’m thankful all my children are taken care of and life is still moving forward. It’s definitely not fun being single or alone. But it definitely is relaxing and allowed me to see reality for real. What I really have to do. How simple you can live and what you truly love about your life and others. I’m thankful for today GOD is amazing I’m thankful for the time I got to spend with someone I love whom is my best friend as well. I’m thankful for the people who contacted me to check on me and thankful for the beautiful day it turned out to be. I’m todays world it’s better to be real! Be positive tell the truth and move forward God Bless Y’all @dmramsey IG

What retired life is like

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