Plant Based Healing

Thanks to Plant Based Healing I lost 100lbs, learned to walk again! And so much more! Was it worth it discovering all this great healing? YES! Because I’m alive, after 20 years Military Service loosing everything I’m still alive! And ThankFul for what GOD a created!

Plants always best. Consider magic mushrooms, look at that data. Same with MJ. Peyote. Ayahuascu. It’s just that since it’s not commercialized/taxed/profited from by big pharma or Uncle Sam it’s forced into the shadows, a true shame

What are Your Thoughts?

IMO I got off 26 prescription drugs (as prescribed) in 2019 because in 2018 I retired from the United States Coast Guard. And was able to use CBD. Hemp saved my life! I also believe “Mushrooms Peyote Ayahuasca” are part of my Sacrament Rights as a Tribal Member. It is a shame because I stopped Drinking Alcohol in the Fall of 2021. I also believe Hemp helped me learn to walk again! It gave me energy, strength when I consumed it. It gave me peace of mind. It allowed me to become more social, more creative. It also cost me 100days in County Jail. Unfortunately I was in Possession of Hemp Concentrate. It wasn’t tested immediately and I was locked up. I was attempting to protect my Hemp as it was stolen from me along with my edibles and cash in my house. Unfortunately I took a fall even after reporting the 911, City Police, and the FBI. It is what it is and in 17 month I will be off probation and able to Focus again on HempGuideToHealthyEating. I know for a Fact Hemp/Cannabis Mushrooms Peyote Ayahuasca can help as a form of alternative treatment Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD, you from attempting suicide because I lost all suicidal thoughts as I was actually spiritually balanced. I truly felt the most connected to my mind, body, soul. It’s unfortunate I have been accused of substance abuse when I haven’t taken pharmaceutical drugs in almost 4 years or consumed alcohol in almost a year. It’s unfortunate I was accused of family violence that never took place. It’s unfortunate the Military and Va diagnosis was anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD because civilians turned it all again me and labeled me Manic Crazy and Violent. As a Federal Law Enforcement Officer for almost 20years of my Military Career I was and still will not lie. I will tell the truth, I will save others and spread the word about what is good! What is a safer alternative. Obviously Sobriety is the best option totally nothing would be great! But unfortunately I have a Central Nervous System Disorder. I’ve had 3 Major lumbar Fusions, Cervical Fusion, Both Shoulders Rebuilt, both wrists, and right Knee. It is unfortunate I’ve been had. People took advantage of my kind heart and good nature and took everything from me. I pray daily to my GOD. I am Native American, and come from an Italian Family whom left Italy to avoid Communism. My Grandma was born in Little Italy (The Village) New York City 1935. My Great Grandparents came from Italy. I was born in Anchorage Alaska on a Sunday Morning in 1978. 1lb 6oz. Almost 3 months premature. I would later become the 374th Surfman in the USCG and Retire a Chief. It is unbelievable I got a Gold Medal AFRASGoldMedal and our crew or team had something like 20,000-30,000 rescues Search And Rescue in my time serving from Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and up to Hurricane Harvey in Texas. It’s amazing the military life. The Team Life! The Crew! What’s not amazing is when you loose everything. I lost my wife, children, job, position all of it because what I believe in! PlantBasedHealing #TexasHempChef #HighEnergyHealthyEating to include because of all this me stepping away from Social Media App’s Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok because I was banned blocked defamed and destroyed liars created so much chaos it effectively killed my marriage work life homelife and spiritual life. So now I will stand up for what I believe in! Which is what God Created and that’s Plants! As a Nation built on In God We Trust shouldn’t we also trust in the ability to harvest plants and consume them. Shouldn’t we also trust in plant based healing. Sacred Rights? I believe so! And I believe the future is Green!

Lots of Healthy Healing
Hemp Heals

#HighEnergyHealthyEating TexasHempChef #HempGuideToHealthyEating


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