My Why

How to tell someone you love them…. Love you ❤️ just say’n that’s 3 women I love! Only ones missing are Kenzie and Addy. Plus Austin but he’s a Man! Takes a lot to say love you. Truly honestly does! Be it because you created life together or lived a life together still takes a lot to say I Love you. In my opinion it’s better to pray for the whole house not yourself the moms the dads the kids the people they come into contact with the day the night to bless everyone the big picture. No matter how hard life gets is always better to be thankful appreciate apologizing often and definitely meaning it. Nope this is not a negative post this is a positive post because you never need a reason to say I love you or offer a helping hand or prayer. So I pray for everyone my family my friends the family’s the friends I pray we can all move forward be thankful and live with forgiveness love and honesty … life gets real and I’m not afraid to be thankful for the real women in my life the mothers of my daughters… Truly can’t change the past. But you can be thankful for it. Can’t change the future but you can look forward to it. Can’t change the now but you can say your thankful for it! GOD is our Blessing. God is our Grace! God has given me everything everyone and every place to enjoy not destroy to be honest with and live live laugh so honestly I’m just say’n I’m praying for all of us and love you all!!! I know I said I wasn’t gonna post anything anymore but sometimes all it’s takes is just one more post… one more positive vibe like a digital hug or kiss 😘 if ya mean it. You show it. It doesn’t matter what others say or think. In the end social media can build you up. Or break you down. And if this is the last post! I Atleast want the world to know… I love all of you… and pray for all of us. May your God Bless you as much as mine has me! Amen

Cheers y’all

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