Life Is “Words of Wisdom

As it should be planned by you. Life is what we make of it Thinking Positive will lead to better Health, Success, Joy, Happiness, Strength, Dominion, Wealth, Faith, Confidence, Certainty, Peace, Power, Plenty, Poise, Courage, Love, Harmony, Freedom.

Is divided by the following it’s this Simple!




Devine Energy | Creative Power Thought

If you turn to Negative Energy and Thought it will lead to Disease, Failure, Sorrow, Misery, Weakness, Inferiority, Poverty, Unhappiness, Worry, Fear, Doubt, Loss, Trouble, Limitations, Discord, Problems, Bondage. This becomes life as we make it through Negative Thinking!

So Be Positive…

Todays Reading

BIBLE – Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth

GOD – Good Order Discipline

faith & hope may today bless you DMR

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