What’s wrong today?

My Political Opinions and Religious Opinion is my Right! I’m a Veteran who Served 20yrs to defend that right! That being said since a few people have accused me falsely here’s what might be my final post on Facebook! Because thanks to a bunch of Thieves (who removed me from company) Liars Cuased me to get Pissed Off! Cheaters Cost Me Atleast Two Marriages! I am left with nothing but my word and pocket change with is worthless to me! Not to mention years lost with my children I a father who is 100% Disabled 100 % Cobat Related a Retired Chief! A Surfman the 374th in our Nation! That’s right a man who flooded im his own truck to save lives! A man who sacrificed his body and others to save lives! A Man who learned to walk again twice without even getting a back rub! A man who lost 100lbs through true GRIT Determination and honesty to set the example for my children! A Man who says yes I did yell but it was only to defend my rights as a man husband father! Unfortunately so much has happened to me I don’t trust anyone else! Except my Orange Team! The Va, and Texas Vets Commission! And my Acupuncturist! Trust me the world is getting smaller! But back to what my thoughts are as I move forward into a more 5D World!

“It takes 20 years” to demoralize , “2 to 5 years” Destabilize , “6 weeks” create a crisis, “the long term” the long term effect! 21 Days to break a habit! And Faith and Hope to believe in The Creator!

But, Because of a Lack of Moral Standards! In America we are allowing the following 4 words to Destroy the Family Value we American Are!!! Everyone misses Mommas Cooking! Everyone misses Moms & Dads playing with Kids! Everyone miss date night! Everyone misses Sundays Church Fellowship or just enjoying Gods Creations!

Thanks to 4 words

Demoralization • Destabilization • Crisis • Normalization

Do not be blind! Do not give up! We the People God•Country•Self #Surfman374 WeThePeople! God Bless You All I say self because when self is right, the family is right! So focus on yourself so you can be the best for your family!

God Bless America


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