Be good to those around you

loveyourneighborasyourself amen GOD you rock #GOD #Lord of #Gods I was #homeless , #unemployed , #disabled #100percentdisabledveteran #lonely no one came to my rescue but #GOD a trust in your Creator in the end everyone just sat back and watched me fall no one threw a life ring no one came till way after I had fallen way after it already happened you can prevent so much by being a better #neighbor trust me I grew up in a shitty hood dirty dark place with a mom who worked 3 jobs and did her best played in the streets played football went on to serve 20yrs in the military watched it all from Coke deals gone bad to getting busted for #Hemp in my life time I have seen it all. Trust me! In the end family will be the first to watch ya fall, followed by friends and neighbors… heck some of them might even speed it up by taking from you casting lies telling stories all because they don’t want to see you succeed and don’t want to help. So be kind when ya see someone falling show love when you can live humble give and get back even more. Gods see’s everything the Vibes are Real! What comes around goes around! #dmr #surfman374 Dear God ThankYou for renewal for rebirth the vision after holding almost 100 #prayercalls in County it will change you. It got me closer to my creator! #fellowship is real talk! The #kingdomofthewicked is real #thekingdom is real the Families Familiar Gangs Cartel Mafia MC’s all real! Trust me fellowship with them gets real! We all shared one thing we wanted it better for our Kids, there kids! We wanted better streets a second chance to shine! When ya get locked up you do have time to think about Judges Attorneys Cops and Your Actions #BadCopsSuck BTW is say’n Good cops Rock! Just like Judges, Attorneys, District Attorneys #VeteranTreatmentCourt #vetcourt all amazing when they do there job! Took 6 more days after I was told I would be leaving! #nuecescountyjail needs all the help it can get! It’s not the food services fault, the trustee, the Corrections Officers it’s poor conditions it’s leadership it’s overwatch! People still need quality food, clean environments, fair treatment! Trust me I saw it all from rat piss and shit covered food trays foam cups and boxes to the food it’s self. Pissed off CO’s who clearly needed abused there power , to inmates being beaten to near death and thrown in the dungeon. Threats in county are real! A Pack of soup stolen will get your ass whooped! Racism was real! I had piss thrown in my face because I was white. To bad I’m Italian is what I replied. And American! I don’t pick sides I grew up with Bloods Crips, and Latin Kings I know the Mafia, Cartels and MC’s I also believe in the job I did Search And Rescue the Gold Medal I won #AfrasGoldMedal and did try to call 911, CCPD, and the FBI before I was arrested! In the end it was god GOD saved me! And Cannabis Healed my PTSD Anxiety Depression Insomnia pain nerve pain seizures central nervous system disorder helped me learn to walk again! #DMR #Surfman374 GodBless All from City, State, Nation , to Nations we all can learn to be better neighbors… #highenergyhealthyeating #HempOil yep it was #CBDconcentrate “concentrate” it was me waving at cops to follow me home it was me who was in fight or fligh mode protecting my house it was my house that got broke into while I was asleep my property got taken (Hemp I cooked with)! Yep me say’n I’m not resisting, nope not stopping till y’all get to the scene of a real crime! Nope not wreckless driving yes hauling ass pissed off! Why because no one came to help when I called for it! So all could have been prevented had they just came! Go figure


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