It’s an Herb


“we all have our right to Opinion”!

  • but thanks to herb I was able to get off prescription drugs after taking them as prescribed from 1998-2019 had 10 major surgeries in my 20 yr military career. Stopped drinking never did anything else then from 2019-mar2022 used Hemp now for 6months I’ve been sober. So I must be different because it helped me over come anxiety, depression, insomnia, ptsd , 3 attempts at suicide and a life time of pain and anger all from doing search and rescue and saving 1000’s of lives. To me it’s an herb to some a drug but honestly God Created plants and that plant saved my life. Just like Hope, Faith, and My God who I pray to daily helps me stay focused on what’s positive and possibly more amazing called living. 🌱💯🇺🇸 it gave me energy helped me learn to walk again become social and learn to live against the darkness against the negative devils In my life. Addictive addicting addictions kill and destroy but you must never give up sobriety is the best answer and having hope and faith rocks #texashempchef #hempguidetohealthyeating #dmr

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