Get a what You Get Give

Save yourself, Save Others… you get what you give and have given #mindovermatter it doesn’t mind what doesn’t matter, only take in what serves you, destroy what doesn’t #dmr @dmramsey #Surfman374 #52mlbsurfman #47mlbsurfman #smallboat #life Master&Commander #SAR #solas “illumination of your solar plexus” what you did preparing your for what you are and will become, comes from never giving up. Give all you are never stop in what you will become. Practice Physical Mental Spiritual

Positive VS Negative
Physical Vs Spiritual

The #KingRanch The Master of Your Universe, the Subconscious and Conscious having Balance Vision Clear Goals And Understanding what you plant how to grow it how to show it. #livelovelaugh enjoy your Body Your Vessel don’t destroy it. One Nation, One People, Amen

wordsofwisdom some food for you from my book #MyHopeMyFaith #creative equals Creation from a Creator


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