Knock Knock

My favorite line – “this is the system”…

I love the boat.

We do live in a #System that’s for sure #FBi Knocking On Doors is what they do, God Bless America 🇺🇸💯🏴‍☠️🤙❤️🌱🦅😎 StaySafe #FLEO ‘s #BadCopsSuck Good one’s rock @dmramsey1 Twitter @ dmramsey (IG) hmmm @fbijobs great recruiting opportunity just say’n #doorkickers #doorknockers they definitely weren’t there for anything but looking into “the system”… it would seem that UncleSam is doing what needs to be done IMO BTW Bad Cops Suck! It’s funny yesterday I was told “mr. Ramsey but there’s corruption everywhere”! Where’s the Loyalty these days! Fuck Royalty be about it! Be great at it! Sorry I can’t stand bad people! Everyone wants to be Gangsta till it’s time to be Gangsta 💌 With Love I send it! Just say’n 10Commandments & Universal Laws I choose #lawofsurprise everytime! To be greater for the people with the people to protect and serve to live and enjoy 😉 my perfect world might be in my head but Atleast I say how I feel share what I believe in and show ya how I did it! #FYP I don’t believe in picking sides I believe in working together 🎯🧲⚔️🛡🚬 ☕️ 🌱💡🚶‍♂️🙏🏾🌵🌼👁🏆 wanna stop crime show them love teach them early and send a clear message through communication education and support strength in partnerships if your only as good as those around ya. Well guess I’m doing awesome because ain’t no one around me anymore but me @dmramsey

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