She should be my service dog

Mine should be my #servicedog I love #ServiceDogs they Rock but life a lot of things honestly (i love dogs had em my whole
Life) I just want to get through this next situation me & big dog God! Stayn focused #dmr trust me miss all my daughters son & lucky dog #Divorce #Single spent almost 100days in jail for hemp and going about things the wrong way 🤔 who knows I got this! #TexasHempChef #hempguidetohealthyeating #hempsavedmylife just say’n it did balanced anxiety depression insomnia ptsd allowed me to be social be active gave me energy now? I feel like shit my body’s weaker and I’m not so balanced #legalizemarijuanaTx #marijuana #ganga #smoke #hemp #blunts #grinders #bongs #dabs #texas it saved my last cost me everything but still saved my life #America wtf feds make it legal! It works #veteran #veteransforcannabis it helped me heal I cook with it that’s the best way to use it because honestly smoking it just ain’t the same IMO! #Cbdcbgcbccbn #thc #thca #thco so many benefits just say’n out way the negative #legalizecannabis #legalizeCannabisTx #cannabinoids save lives beats drinking drugs and pills just say’n #highenergyhealthyeating I would use it but I still have 18mnths of probation for using it ahead of me. To think I was leaving texas the day I got arrested pretty fucked up lmfao now I get to stay Hahahaha pretty awesome 😎 #badcopssuck


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