90 Days Locked Up

Give it all To God

I Give it all to you LORD Be Real Be Honest Be Humble #LoveyouGOD #dmr yes #HempHeals yes #cannabisindica is and #Herb yes it helped me with #painmanagement #anxiety #depressionawareness #ptsdrecovery #Yes it got me off as prescribed #presciptiondrugs prescription drugs I had been on so many from 1999-2018 I lost who I was what I was and what I truly could become. #drugsandalcohol are NOT a the Answer the More #Sober your life the better. If you get “high” that’s not the answer what is, is healthy eating why I created what saved me. #HempHoney #HempCooking I called it what it was and is! #hempguidetohealthyeating it’s a journey from drugs and alcohol via #marijuana #cannabisindica for night time ptsd anxiety and depression insomnia #cannabissativa for #daytime use. Then I turned to the #MiraclesofHemp why? It is Legal The USDA standards help tie up some of the loose ends left from the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized the cannabis varietal that contains no more than 0.3% of the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). #Cbdcbgcbccbn although I will not being using it for the next 18 months I will say it saved my life. #dmr #procannabismedia #cannabisnews on a Not so FUN Fact #cannabisconcentrate is Illegal in Texas and you will pay the piper if ya get caught with it…. Even if it was #HempConcentrate and you are practicing your sacraments #indigenous or not the Law Enforcement Officer have one Job! #toprotectandserve and #attorneys have a job and #judges have a job as well as #correctionsofficers to do what is right by the Law of the Land. Don’t forget the that. god bless you and yours I’m thankful I get to go forward and not backwards in my Journey but know this. It’s Because the Green seed bearing plants I’m a Better me today. Not Drugs Not ICE Not Cocaine Not Alcohol nothing else! It’s amazing what rumors are being spread. To be officially stated I haven’t used pills in almost 4 years never used drugs and stopped drinking in November of last year. I consider Cannabis and Hemp an Herb. BTW but until free I will not be consuming it or using it

It’s an HERB America a Healing One

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