These things are real


BTW it is real they are real I be seen the been taken by them been trained by them initially very traumatic but peaceful through the process it was terrible initially and I have scar I have body stuff going on I was barely able to walk weak inside and out on 26 prescriptions and just retired after 20 yrs military 2018 to date it’s been daily encounters from shadow figures to literally being linking subconsciously truly plugged in to the matrix I saw everything from dogma to the nuclear reset I was also told locations of ancient relics artifacts I know they want us to succeed but it’s as an organism breeding seeding and caring for earth since I’m making a full recovery and totally feel I’m being watched influenced and it’s taken me to a level of creator I’ve never before stood on! I’m definitely on top of Everest lookin forward to the future I have seen

I wasn’t able to walk was on 26 pills
Now I enjoy the view with energy I can’t explain
My angels rock
“My demons have always helped me”

Every “Demon” every “Angel” will teach you something let them in. Balance the GODvsSatan LIFE ! “Scales never lie”….

It took Daily Goals sticking with it

That’s how I heal my doctors told me use the APP’s have fun post what every who cares it’s digital it’s not real does it effect others? Yeah but if your 1 goals stay positive watch influence create then we’ll send it! IGNORE everyone else DO YOU! Because when in real life you will mess up! You will learn! Just do your best be honest with everyone… and Shine DavidMRamsey, Retired BMC USCG Surfman374 1998-2018 CC, TX 78414


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