What am I spreading?

Not War

Looks like something from #spaceballs ain’t no #teslarocket #nicepaintchoice 🏁 #dmr #TheBoss #BigChief yo have a good day

I’m just trying to spread LOVE not another WAR they are a waist of money! we got better ways to spend that within the #iwc industrial war complex I call it #larpingfortheIWC #larping hey I just smoked all y’all you’ve been Roasted Not Me lmfao just having fun

I do believe GOD sand in Angels mine worked Hard

I also believe in sharing what I love … love y’all Love is Always The Answer David Ramsey CC Texas Surfman374 Retired USCG

we should spread flowers and love more not war!

Oil doesn’t like violence Neither does Beer or Bullets.

Intended for fun relaxing ways to provide food water shelter

now look we’re painting rockets

I don’t like violence and destruction! I like construction and reconstruction and demolition if it’s to make it better like remodeling and new stores new homes new places for families to laugh and play I say save what ya can show some history level up for the future we did #USSpaceForce then we went to work working on the future I see it in my city it’s Amazing New Ports Gonna Rock Globally #portNews #porttalk

Spread LOVE a make it Sweet!

The Future has Landed Corpus Christi, Texas

TeamAmerica From the DOCKS to the DUMP Bridges To Bays we rock love y’all America 🇺🇸

#LoveisTheAnswer 🇺🇸 #ILoveRedWhiteBlue and everyone in it coming back or going from we are #Humans let’s enjoy it 🌎 @dmramsey


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