What is The “entourageeffect”! dive in

How I create the entourage Effect

“To me it’s what it to you write this it’s the “all in” of experience” I say again

To me it’s what it to you write this it’s the “all in” of experience

Let the sink in
Watch Out the Salmon Fly at Pike Place (haha)!

This is more like an explosion of chocolate toasted nuts packed with #antioxidants and #anthocyanin which helps with blood pressure, blood fat levels, liver health, weight loss, and bacteria fighting promotes #love lust passion freedom independence divination psychic work prophetic beauty and courage then add in what been used for ver 200 years as a relaxing therapy calming that nervous soul tension convulsions of you body mind and spirit the antioxidant effects combine making for a real #entourageeffect unless it’s full potential with #hemphoney and #bam it’s like being a #superhero inside and out this blend imo helps with neurological disorders anxiety depression which actually helps safeguard the soul preventing nightmares aiding in what I believe is #spiritualassualt it’s #magical earth she’s filled with all kinds of mysteries charms and faiths @dmramsey #standupformore #loveistheanswer send the full power of the herbal industrial war complex if ya have to it’s full of angels demons saints and mystical energy that will heal will destroy will help reignite the eternal flame and orb unlocking your true vessel your real body #amen to #hibiscus and #skullcap #coffee creamer #bees and #texashoney #coffeetalk @walkerhoneyfarm @keurig @nestle @starbucks @dmramsey imo @drdrewpinsky is always on point 🤙🌻🪶💯🆙🌐 on IG

I learned The road from DC and Back is a Long one…

Dedicated to Mental Health and US Coast Guard Surfman LifeBoatSailors Engineers and BoatCrews Sailors Aviation and Search And Rescue SOLAS BMC David M. Ramsey Surfman374 US Coast Guard Retired 1998-2018 BravoZulu y’all “Love is the Answer”!


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