Did he just

Hook us?


Texts and social media comments don’t hurt! Real life nothing going on! I got fully cleared I have an 800+ credit score been investing since 1998 and now fully retired with a lifetime of funds coming and kids set for college! I’m good to go! 43 and turning my ass and grass so be proud of that! And stand down David #dmr how did o do it? #shittalker got smoked assholes got fucked sucks got cut and pussies got screwed! War is what it took caught all my damn demons and angels and prayed in even religious factions I could from witches to stitches I earned my golden road! Love is the answer do it sober and your riding unicorns and shooting rainbow with the jinn fuck negative vibes I eat them for snacks they help me puss me off and make me wanna eat more! I was raised by sea slugs catfish and leaches burnt assess and dirty bitches with mean moms and witches ghosts party where pirates come from set sail assholes I’m just getting started now! #ra ain’t got shit on my ship #GOD created fuck you pussy lions you ain’t eati g@my star hates and supernovas hows@that for a mind check master piece of fucked up family’s drips sits and slugs I love them! I love what it takes shows me the real pussies dicks and assholes are! That’s global security I wanna know what the fuck you are and what you taste like before I ever work with you! You weak or real? BOSSTALK birches Get walking @dmramsey


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