Don’t normally preach but….

I call it the HIGH Priest Blessings IMO

xrayresults came in bravozulu
That Holy Spirit got me goin again! #whatvibeheon #whatvibesheon #GODViben #DMR my Jesus is in there having a drum party #drummerboy can beat that drum let me tell ya #illumination achievements are great aren’t they oh how I love the Mysteriously Beautiful Mysteries #loveistheanswer let love and light move into that holy vessel and body you’ll be blazing let me tell ya! Amazing what GOD can do when ya open up #preachermanvibe

When you allow #GOD #Jesus #Spirit #mindbodyoul to connect OMG It’s Amazing so special so beautiful

David Michael Ramsey

These days You can find me dreaming about Corpus Christi Texas , and how much more we are gonna do together we GROW together we smile more we all enjoy it education enforcement of fun! Hehehehe mandatory community events and stuff make the city better by bringing it together


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