Daily Routine

Love Y’all (y’all means all)!

Rule Lead and Follow or Working with LOVE, #LOVE a is the answer

Go into everything every second of your life with the knowledge.

Be it the 10 Commandments or the 12 LAWS of the Universe

All which actually apply in the #metaverse

realtalk #dmr

It’s not casting spells when you live by the rules.

That Foesnt mean ya have to be SupaMan we all know he’s the perfect superhero …

But we can sure try, oh yeah GOD LOVES BTW #loveistheanswer

If ya don’t agree (move on)! Unfollow unfriend me please… I would prefer that over talking 💩 just say’n 🤙❗️

Here’s to the morning workout and prayer being done



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