Sober Moments #sobertalk

Feels different that’s for sure 🌻 DMRamsey IG

I love both sides of the story… inside outside the cover front to back! Life Rocks!

Love y’all

I haven’t had alcohol or nicotine yet this year and feel so much better

Here’s to doing our best 💙🌎❗️🤙🏁 #dmr

73 Days Later … RigsReefsClassic TikTok
I feel more alive and stuff tastes and smells better just say’n 💡 even water feels amazing DMRamsey1 Twitter

73 days later no alcohol no nicotine no pills

DavidRamsey FaceBook SpearfishingTalk Group

David Ramsey Facebook
That’s Me in the METAVERSE you should see me in reel life real stuff happens

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