• Morning • Day • Night •

I believe we are where we are and we must grow to flower shine and enjoy our environments #love that the soil the water the food the people around you ♻️ 🌻🌎🤙 blessings #dmr my creator made me 2 love everything, everyone, doesn’t mean we have to hang out or be friends but love eachother as humans respect eachother as living lives help vs battle ! Build up what’s been broken! #strengthandconditioning grow together as one big garden. We have so much to share and learn from each other let’s grow and build upon that… cheers y’all blessings this week. @dmramsey I post because I care enough to #spreadlovenothate yes 👍🏻 even I have posted stuff you may not like but that doesn’t mean we should run around canceling people either IMO awe all have a voice we should keep them positive moving forward sure yell scream but to fight with violence not needed it’s 2022 and we should be peaceful enough to say hey how do we recreate a better life for our future what do we have to do to help our Nieghborhood our border nations #dmr


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