Team USA

Fucken AMERICANs Always getting Banned on Social Media what’s wrong with all of us? 🤣 (side note) lost almost all followers and comments in 2 years and have had multiple accounts shutdown. Serve 20 years as #Surfman374 I love my nation all our freedom of speech even if I don’t agree with what’s said I still listen and appreciate it I am pro human! Pro earth Pro Plants and Animals and Water! I’m also smart enough to know we should keep our bodies clean and ready! #loveistheanswer #dmr born in Alaska Grew up in Georgia then Washington all coast rock imo We Rock we have freedom we have a nation full of helping hands when mother natures rocks the castle trust me I’ve seen our nation work strong since 1978 #dmramsey

“Relax Listen to The Music”

Love is the Answer

Love What You Love

Blessings On your Journey , Love y’all #yallmeansall where I come from !


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