Taste it, Before ya Feel it

HEMPHONEY “I” stands for – infuse with Cannabis Hemp Concentrate Indica Sativa Ruderalis isolate

☀️ 🍯 🐝
Making Infused Texas Honey rocks I use it in my tea, coffee, even Peanut Butter Powder… From Flower to Concentrate , Live Resin to isolate When trichromes and terpenes work together, that’s what cultivators call the entourage effect. Crumble Wax #cbdcbgcbccbn is what it’s all about it’s that #entourageeffect that full spectrum flavor I love most I wanna taste it, before I feel it.
goodmorning merrychristmas #hempguidetohealthyeating #killerbeeshoney #killerbeeshhoney #killerbeeshemphoney #killerbeesdab #killerbeesdabhoney just a dab will do… #TexasHoney music helps me move #hemp helps me heal @snoopdogg @drdre love that music 🎶💚🍯💙🦉💡🌿 #cannabiscowboy #cannabis the other green plant cannabis hemp #sativa #therealdavidramsey #Indica #Ruderalis

IMO Hemp Heals Sativa Rocks Indica VIBE’N


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