Don’t Forget your Chill Pill

When shit gets Fucken heavy I find a place to chill

When people get to much I find a place and chill

When my demons and angels are all fighting I find a place and chill

life gets real, don’t forget just find a place to chill

Happy Holidays it’s okay to Chill go for walk relax not think about shit… YouDoYou beYou share the adventures shine light on the darkness just chill it will be Okay…

Even if your the only one who listens to the soul inside ya or even hears it it’s okay to chill and don’t forget your chill pill 💊 lmfao I’m glad I don’t need 26 prescription drugs now yes I take BP a half a pill but that keeps it at 120/80 💚☠️💯❗️ so yes pills can and do have a use but there’s more Natural ways you should also consider

Daily Action

Daily Prayers

Daily Meditation

Daily Care

Daily Love

Daily Nourishment

#Surfman374 🤙❗️💯❤️🎄🤍🎄💙🎄✔️💡🍯🧁🌲🙏🏾⭐️ Love Y’all Hope you have a chill day


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