Hemp Guide to Health


It’s amazing what inspires us as humans here’s what did it for me

I’m not saying it’s for everyone but I traded in 26 prescription drugs and being a drunk for cannabis/hemp I now cook with my this beautiful herb it heals, so does walking, meditation, and living. 3 times I tried to end my human life. Now I’m thankful for life. Thankful for my kids my family my friends 💙❗️💯🎵🎼🎶 and Music as well as acupuncture

Unfortunately we have an exit. When it comes to living I know that’s what my creator wants me to do. I know living is hard but I know the better days come and go. It’s not easy but what is easy is doing what you love when shit gets hard lean into what you love be proud of the children you created. The stuff you do!

Unfortunately some of us leave sooner than others my prayers to them may they finally Rest In Peace just know heaven & god loves his angels be strong and do you, live life and be the best you! you can you will you are blessings on your journey life is worth it !

surfman374 Chief Ramsey / E7

100% Disabled Not Dead
100% Combat Related
100 percent dedicated to life now 💙❗️💯 had to learn to walk again, live again, love again! Don’t let the darkness steal your light …. shine bright

Trust me my kids get a better me when I’m not on all the pills yes there’s a time and place for pills! I’m glad I removed them off my table. I have a 2yr old daughter and a 12, 16, and 20year old who inspire me they are my kids 3 girls and a boy I have the privilege to call a young man now! I’m alive because my creator rocks and I have to set the example for my kids. I’m not happy about trying to end my life. But I’m thankful I’m still alive. Trust me I wasn’t able to raise my kids was gone a lot paid the price been divorced a few times that sucked! That was actually why I tried to end my life I didn’t think I was good enough or anyone would ever love me again… in the end I found myself and what I love and that’s what it took…

Cheers Warriors it’s worth it 🤙☠️🇺🇸

Little BackStory –

All Surgeries Were Done while on Active Duty they started in 2007 – last one was 2018 let me tell ya Medical Boards Are No Bueno specially when I still need more operations but I remained strong stood strong till my retirement date was Tuff but that’s what also shakes my soul it shocked me the amount of meds I was on. medicine Is mind blowing, numbed me, inside and out. I didn’t even know who I was anymore didn’t know love how to feel it it was scary because by that time I served twenty years and was getting handed old glory, my shadow box, and my sword ….

3 lumbar fusions third they just removed hardware and then fused whole lumbar Spine
Half my neck is fused
Both shoulders been rebuilt
Both redone wrists
And right knee
I said no to darn near a full Cervical fusion
Lost 100lbs of surgery gained weight and learned to walk again. Service to Country was epic #afrasgoldmedal #dmramsey 20 years 100’s and 1000’s of Rescues Lives Saved and in the end I had to lean into my creator and save mine. It’s hell of a recovery I’m proud of it. Lost a lot of friends and some family along the way but that’s life ya win some hearts ya loose some stay hungry stay focused

This is what inspired me to create the #hempguidetohealthyeating journey because I truly want to live a cleaner better life… in the end great in leads to great out

Every photo taken includes Hemp in it 💚🤙💯❗️ Hemp Heals

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