Fare Trade IMO

Keep it 💯

I’m not saying it’s for everyone but I traded in 26 prescription drugs for cannabis/hemp I now cook with my this beautiful herb it heals, so does walking, meditation, and living. 3 times I tried to end my human life. Now I’m thankful for life. Thankful for my kids my family my friends 💙❗️💯🎵🎼🎶 and Music as well as acupuncture

Unfortunately we have an exit. When it comes to living I know that’s what my creator wants me to do. I know living is hard but I know the better days come and go. It’s not easy but what is easy is doing what you love when shit gets hard lean into what you love be proud of the children you created. The stuff you do!

Unfortunately some of us leave sooner than others my prayers to them may they finally Rest In Peace just know heaven & god loves his angels be strong and do you, live life and be the best you! you can you will you are blessings on your journey life is worth it #surfman374

100% Disabled Not Dead
100% Combat Related
100 percent dedicated to life now 💙❗️💯 had to learn to walk again, live again, love again! Don’t let the darkness steal your light …. shine bright

BravoZulu Brothers & Sisters 💙❗️💯

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