Back & Body

True Story

fusionclub be like yep #lumbarfusion #cervicalfusion both shoulders have been screwed both wrists and knee checkofthemonthclub disablednotdead BravoZulu lifeboatsailors get broken sometimes be safe I can’t stress this enough stretch stay active watch the weight gain and practice meditation live as clean as you can love y’all I’m very proud of my service to america 1998-2018 #afrasgoldmedal #surfman374 it was worth it yes! One life saved or a Million Search And Rescue Rocks always always always get the help ya need because when ya retire your gonna have to live with the pain the anxiety the depression the insomnia the nightmares the struggles it’s all real! Thanks to therapy and great doctors I’m walking and doing more but trust me it ain’t easy! Most days are filled with more pain than I can explain but what gets me through each day is faith love and being a believer knowing I can I will I am! When I didn’t believe life was harder when I didn’t trust medical life was tuff! The pills aren’t bad the addiction sucked! But that was the choice I made and why I’ve been pill free two years now! I burned a lot of bridges learning to walk the high road lost a lot of friends and family becoming honest with myself and others but in the end it’s why had to happen BravoZulu to my active duty brothers and sisters still standing the watch god bless y’all and your family and friends life had become better but it took a lot of work and still does… that I’m thankful for I am thankful god gave me the strength to not give up to be proud to stand up to speak up! To be real and talk about it! Love is the answer focus on that when life gets harder BTW


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