My thoughts on Surgery

No pills! Cannabis or HEMP a either way eating healthy and being as active as I could! Trust me half my neck is fused still have compressed c-1/c-2 and fractured C7, then entire lumbar is fused I had spinal leakage and nerves cut during surgeries (wasn’t supposed to happen but it did) I would hold off surgeries as long as possible! Acupuncture, CryoTherapy, stretching, yoga, meditation all help. I’ve also had both shoulders redone and both wrists and right knee. search and rescue for 20 years was epic the price I paid for now having 60 years to do what ever assuming I reach 💯 god bless you on your decisions I’ve had 10 surgeries was on 26 prescriptions and gained 80-100lbs twice it was hell loosing the weight but it’s been extremely helpful I was 175 got up to 300 (hated myself) now 200 loving it! In the end you have to do what’s right if you can’t function and have tried everything than surgeries are an option just make sure your using the best you can! God bless from #sufman374

Walking 3-5 miles a day now in pain but who isn’t
Surfman do This with the Finest Engineers and Boatcrew there is… #Surfman374
Square Up Daily in Life it’s worth it
No wonder my back hurts 🤣 love my nation and Search & Rescue #afrasgoldmedal Washington D.C.

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