Dive Deep here’s fish Story for Y’all

This was Three years before today in 2014

3 years ago I decided to tank dive with a group of friends, it was for an offshore tournement. To protect names I will leave out specifics. But after diving all weekend I made the choice to dive on someone else’s gear! bad call 2nd 100’ft dive plus yes I was deeper! I got taken and ended up below 225ft! More or less judgement error with loosing fish and gear! It cost me 6 days deco chamber. And worried the crisp out of family and friends! Lesson learned never dive on someone else’s gear! And thank god too the divers who were there at 80ft to share air! That ended my tank diving days! I admit I had no self control on shooting beast fish! And was just a little over my head with proving I could kill giants! 2nd lesson learned I was free diving around 90ft and it started snowing atleast I thought it was! I hit the surface exhausted and discovered samba’s! Not cool but I listened to fellow divers and didn’t dive below 30ft rest of trip! Humbled and shaken I directed this new life lesson and learned to focus on bottom time and a suunto would be a good investment! 3rd lesson when diving rigs and you battle a beast cobia or any giant fish and your gear gets wrapped up better to drop your belt and gun then not come home! Also all of these events happened about a year apart! I will say I’m blessed to dive with great divers, but will also say no matter how good you think you maybe, always dive with a buddy, always dive within your limits and if your pushing them be ready with people who are able to respond! Way too many of the above scenarios end up with a lost diver. We need to always remember to remain humble, learn from eachother and dive within our limits! I have lost guns, recently a belt, shifted to surface floats and float lines as a physical reminder I’m getting to deep and have a watch that’s my best friend! Yes I’ve done the dive alone thing and was stupid! Yes I’ve sot fish beyond my ability and landed them! And yes I have done the jig at the surface and sat in a tube for a week! I risked my life hard for what a fish, a dive, to prove something? Nope to learn from bad judgement be responsible enough to admit sometimes I push a little farther than I should! Be careful fellow waterman! Life’s a blessing take it from me I usually am on the rescue side of the house 16yrs so far I have served saving people who like me made bad choices got over their head! But even I a rescuer need to understand limits and am humble enough to say I’m sorry I made poor choices as my family, friends, and the fellow divers I was with didn’t need to carry my loss the rest of there lives! Just be humble, never be afraid to let him pass, and if shit gets real let your gun go or dump the belt! Amen and blessing to you all this winter! It’s about to get Jurassic in Gulf of Mexico with wahoo and big AJ’s at surface soon! Be ready, be prepared! And stay humble!


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