Cost me two wives 4 kids half my retirement and life of pain suffering and nightmares so now I just walk stretch run and post positive shit online…. It’s my “digital journal”! I don’t care what people say or think! And I invest for my kids future monthly each of you have a separate investment account I started when I got out of the military was tuff didn’t have the money but made it work y’all are my why! Love heals Love BTW! Love is the answer as for ptsd anxiety depression insomnia ED bloodpressure tremors shakes can’t walk constant nerve pain well I just excepted it and started dancing with my angels and demons

Went from 26 prescriptions to 1/2 a pill for Blood Pressure. I eat clean listen to a lot of Fucken music from Caitlynne Curtis to Latino Rap I love my life from surfman to waterman! It’s what you create when the uniform comes off that’s really special after 3 suicide attempts yes sucked but after my wife’s left me I thought if I suck that bad FML! Kept waking up after getting bitch slapped by the Holy Spirit and Jesus GOD obviously has a plan but I had to understand neutral negative positive spirit and world

Once I got my wings well now I’m almost done smoking cigs and HEMP another even “bud” from a budy… stuff with cbd CBC CBG CBN inside it!!! It stopped it all or has Atleast calmed me the fuck down

Love y’all oh yeah it also Killed my add adhd

True Story a good ending love you 💛💛💛


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