American Made

I have been getting lots of questions comments and concerns so here goes the truth….

They (other two in company) made me a silent partner after ATAShow 2020. Unfortunately I have been removed from website, email, and all social media. I wish I could be of help but I haven’t heard from my partners Thomas Mifsud and Or Brian Stenger since they did this last year. This was not my decision by the way. I have been with Gator-Gripp since before Thomas in 2014 when it was just me and brian Stenger and Brian Nielson another person who was selling racks with me he’s an amazing engineer honestly who was also helping our company who left started building other products … trust me I wish the best for my company because I served twenty years in military and am 100% disabled I haven’t been part of what I built since Spring 2020 #truestory #gatorgripp #gatorgripphd #ifitfitsitgripps I’m truly proud of Gator-Gripp Rack Systems but I unfortunately have no say in what’s happening or has happened I only pray my fellow partners have maintained course and speed because I believe in American Made I have Faith in my lord and savior and I thank everyone who supports our Troops our community our nation our World

Freedom Ain’t Free that’s for sure #Surfman374 #dmramsey #tripledigithunter 💚💚💚

Love you 💚💚💚

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