10 Rules to live laugh love


To Ride or Die By 🏴‍☠️🌐❗️

Rule one when your born be a baby let momma love you. Men take care of the lady and baby!

Rule 2 when your a kid play with other kids when they wanna fight ya talk it out! If that don’t work use your fists and work it out!!

Rule Three when your a Teen enjoy it don’t be stupid if it can kill ya it ain’t worth it!!!

Rule 4 Life’s tooSHORT enjoy it every day in the now ! Not the then nor the past!!!!

Rule 4 learn to live with people who don’t destroy you negatively or positively you chill with who you are your tribe positivity stays with the positive people

Negative stays with the Negativity and them neutrality if your one of those stay in your lane trust me!

Rule5 love be loyal and live with integrity when ya fuck up step up!

Rule 6 don’t have so much fun you can remember what happened

Rule 7 don’t be so bored ya miss out on life

8 your only as good as those around or bad as those next to ya be about it stand up for that be greater at it the greatest ya can

Ninth Rule – ride

Rule 10 – Die death before dishonor ride and do you great everyday you will be challenged react with integrity and honor with respect ✊ DMRamsey

Ra y’all in God we Trust

Ride 🏴‍☠️ Die ☠️ the (in)TER{net} 😎 #Surfman374 🌐 #TripleDigitHunter


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